Before and After Chemical Peel

Chemical peel is widely used for skin rejuvenating and to get rid of many skin abnormalities and aging signs. Different kinds of chemical peels are available to treat different levels of abnormalities.  Moreover, not every peel is suitable for everyone or for every skin condition.

With chemical peels, you can get rid of wrinkles, fine lines, other aging signs, sun damages, acne, acne scars, etc.  Regular use of a suitable chemical peels means you can enjoy with healthy and younger looking skin.  Chemical peels are usually done on the face, neck or other exposed areas where you don’t want to have skin flaws.

Chemical peels use acid, though very mild type, in different concentrations.  Chemical peels are associated with some kinds of side effects or risks.  You have to do the peels very carefully and by following the before and after chemical peel instructions carefully.  If you are following the before and after chemical peel instructions, it means not only you get the desired benefits of a peel but you can also avoid any damage to your skin.

Let’s have a closer look on the before and after chemical peel or  skin peel instructions so that you get an idea what has to be done and what has to be avoided both before and after a peel treatment.

Before a Chemical Peel Treatment

The first thing you have to do before undergoing a peel treatment is to know about your skin, the problems you are facing, your medical condition, etc.  It is always better to seek professional medical advice before you start using chemical peel the first time.  Once you are well versed with the technique and all the related details, you can try chemical peel at home on your own.

Visit to a doctor or dermatologist can make the procedure safe and productive.  You will be evaluated for any underlying medical condition, your medical history will be taken, and many other factors will be evaluated before giving you a green signal for the peel.

If you decide to undergo the treatment in a dermatologist office, you will be shown both before and after chemical peel pictures and all the related details and expected results will be shown to you.

Before a chemical peel treatment, you have to stop certain medications if you are on that, and you may be prescribed certain medications if the condition requires so.

When you are considering deeper chemical peels, you will be required to follow certain pre-treatment procedure that will be specific to the type of chemical peel and the treating condition.  You have to prepare the skin for the treatment to get the best results and to avoid any side effects after the peel.

After a Chemical Peel Treatment

Experiencing some side effects or mild reactions after a chemical peel treatment is normal.  What kind of side effects, how long will they last, and what has to be done to control them depend on each case’s condition.

After a mild chemical peel, redness, mild irritation, etc, is normal to experience.  Such discomfort won’t last long.  When you know all the instructions about before and after chemical peel, you will get a list of DOs and DON’Ts according to the kind of peel you use.

You will be given some medications, especially if you have undergone a deeper kind of chemical peel.  You have to protect your skin from exposure to the sun.  Avoid using cosmetics for certain time, avoid washing the face for certain time, avoid activities that induce sweating, avoid using glycolic acid, retinoid, waxing, etc for certain time, and so on, there will be many such instructions that you have to follow seriously.  What you have to do and what you don’t have to, all depend on the type of chemical peel and on the problem that has to be treated.

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