Chemical Peels for Stretch Marks

Chemical peels are considered effective and safe to deal with many skin irregularities including aging signs.  Chemical peel can smoothens wrinkles, reduces acne scars, prevents acne from developing, helps hyperpigmentation, reduces fine lines, etc.  It can help people get rid of the aging and damaged skin layer, and makes them look much younger and with a glowing and healthy face.   Up to this point, everything seems to go undisputed.  However, when it comes to know whether chemical peels for stretch marks really works, you can find many contradictions.

Chemical Peels for Stretch Marks, the Controversy

If you are to believe qualified medical professionals, be informed that chemical peels for stretch marks do not work.  On the other hand, if you are to believe people who advocate the use of chemical peels for stretch marks, including the manufacturers, chemical peels for stretch marks do work.

According to medical professionals, chemical peels do very little for stretch marks, and except for evening out the colors, there is no significant benefit from a chemical peel treatment for stretch marks.   It is also said that there is no established treatment for stretch marks since these marks occur due to the complete loss of underlying dermis, and a chemical peel treatment can just remove a portion of the overlying skin, it can’t bring the stretched dermis back to its original point. At the same time, it also said that deep phenol peel has the ability to do something with stretch marks, but this kind of peel has to be done with lot of care and under medical supervision only.

Chemical Peels for Stretch Marks, What to Expect

Trusting what medical professionals are saying, we have to approach this matter rationally, and should not expect lot of gain or should not expect chemical peels to do a lot for us.  We can, however, try this peel to at least reduce the unsightly appearance of stretch marks, which seems to be possible with a carefully selected chemical peel treatment.  If you expect more than what a chemical peel can do for your stretch marks, you will be disappointed at the end of a complete chemical peels for stretch marks treatment.  Therefore, just expect what the peel can do for you in real terms.

Chemical Peels for Stretch Marks, How to Do

First, consult an expert in the field of chemical peels, say a good dermatologist in your area.  Talk to him about your intention and you will be given some moisturizer or skin cream to apply to the affected area for one to two weeks prior to the peel.  The cream contains glycolic acid or Retin-A which helps the peeling process.

The peeling treatment will be done by the doctor at his office.  The right kind of acid and its strength will be selected by the doctor that depends on your medical condition and on the problem that has to be treated.

When the treatment is over, you will experience some flaking and peeling of the skin in the days following the treatment.  The skin may become slightly swollen and red, and become very sensitive especially to the sun.  You will be given moisturizing sunscreen that protects the skin from being damaged.  You also have to use anti-inflammatory and follow post-treatment instructions seriously to get better results and to avoid any discomfort or damage to the treated area.


You can try chemical peels for stretch marks treatment expecting results that are true in practical terms.  You can, at least, get some benefits, as the marks will fade to a good extent if not removed completely.  Chemical peels for stretch marks, done with real expectations, won’t disappoint you.

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