Difference between Jessner and TCA Peels

Both Jessner and TCA are chemical peels that produce medium depth results and both have to be performed by skin care professionals.  Knowing the difference between Jessner and TCA peels could keep you informed of the important details.  Read on to know the notable differences between the two peels.

Getting different kinds of skin problems or disorders is common and we have to face them as we age or due to some other reasons.  If you are conscious of your appearance and want to keep it healthy and younger looking, you have to take well care of the aging signs and other damages on the face that spoil your appearance.  When it comes to take care of the skin, you have a very effective option, a chemical peel treatment.

Many kinds of chemical peels are in use and each one comes with its own properties but the aim of all remains the same, to treat skin abnormalities.  TCA and Jessner are two chemical peels that are known as medium depth treatment.  The difference between Jessner and TCA peels does exist but the goal of both peels remains the same.  Let’s find out the notable differences between Jessner and TCA peels.

Contents of TCA and Jessner Peels

TCA or Trichloroacetic acid is used alone to get a medium depth peeling result on the treated area.

A Jessner peel is formulated with three different peeling agents, salicylic acid, lactic acid and resorcinol, with a 14% concentration of each.  Lactic and salicylic acids are the lower end cosmetic acids used to get peeling results of mild or light nature.  Its third content, resorcinol, is different.  It is like the phenol that is used for harsher treatments.  When these three are combined, obviously the properties of all three ingredients are to appear on the treated area.  This makes Jessner a special peeling agent.

In Jessner peel, the use of light peeling agents in combination with a more aggressive one, resorcinol, produces very desired results, safely and effectively.

Other Differences between TCA and Jessner Peels

Jessner peel is available in a fixed strength of the ingredients unless it is used in modified form.  TCA can be used in varying concentrations and the variation of strength makes it produce results accordingly.   Depending on what has to be treated, the concentration of TCA is changed so the things that follow change too.  When a higher concentration of this acid is used, say over 35%, the chances of scarring increases as the results could be unpredictable. When a higher concentration TCA is used on dark skins, the results won’t be encouraging as the problem with pigmentation are more probably to appear in hypo or hyper pigmentation, and the chances of scarring increase greatly.  On the other hand, since Jessner comes in a fixed strength, you are more likely to predict its results, and when a stronger approach is needed, multiply layers of the solution are used.

When it comes to count the side effects, Jessner peel has the potential to cause some side effects, so is the TCA.  When any chemical peel isn’t done according to its norms, the patient has to face the negative consequences.  Moreover, no peel is free from any side effects.

Moreover, when it comes to the treating goal, both can address many kinds of skin irregularities in general.  Skin’s texture, sun damages, aging signs, and many other skin disorders are treated with the peels.  Jessner seems to have a plus benefit since it is a better option for addressing acne and acne related problems.

The downtime of Jessner is known, but the downtime or healing of TCA depends on the strength used.  The results of a Jessner peel become evident earlier than a TCA peeling treatment.

Bottom Line

Both the TCA and Jessner have many things in common.  However, Jessner is known to produce results more safely.  Which peel would be good for you, is a question that is better left to the discretion of a skin specialist.

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    1. Hello, is HYPOPIGMENTATION a risk when doing a modified Jessner PEEL such as PCA brand PEEL without hydroquinone? A friend of mine distancing about this PEEL. I have some white spots from an acne medication I used years ago and I am nervous about doing a PEEL. I need one one because I am in my late 40s and plagued with acne and acne scarring and need to rejuvenate skin. TIA for your help.


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