Does Salicylic Acid Cause Burns

People new to salicylic acid or those who wish to start its treatment would want to know ‘does salicylic acid cause burns’, and this question is important.  It is known that salicylic acid is well tolerated in most of the cases. Mild stinging irritation or burning of the skin may be experienced in some cases.  Higher strength of the acid can cause burning sensation especially if you aren’t used to the acid.  Read on to learn more about salicylic acid burns.

Salicylic Acid Burns

Salicylic acid burns shouldn’t be confused with the burns caused by ‘real’ acids.  In fact, if something is capable of producing such drastic results when used for cosmetic reasons, the concerned authorities won’t allow its use.  And, when we talk about salicylic acid burns, the burns won’t be like serious type of burn, but still the discomfort will be felt like burning, or simply it is the burning sensation that such mild cosmetic acids may cause.  Therefore, salicylic acid shouldn’t be worried for when ‘burning’ is associated with its use.  These ‘cosmetic’ burns are well tolerated and don’t usually require a medical attention in normal conditions. However, when you experience burning, you have to address it to alleviate the discomfort.   Let’s find more about it.

Salicylic Acid Burn and the Care

When a higher concentration of the acid is used in the treatment, you may feel stinging, irritation and burning sensation on the treated area.  It very much depends on what concentration is being used.  You can get different concentrations of the acid but while you will be able to buy low strength products without a prescription, the concerned health authorities have banned selling high concentrations without a doctor’s prescription. Therefore, you are practically safe if you use a salicylic acid product on your own.  When your doctor prescribes you a high strength salicylic acid product, you won’t be left on your own and will certainly be given all the essential instructions for a safe usage.

Well, in any case, if you happen to ‘burn’ your skin, or feel intolerable burning after the use of a salicylic acid product, just stop using it and take appropriate measures to control the symptoms.  It doesn’t mean that you have to give up using the acid, you can, however, start slowly and carefully with low concentrations and gradually progress as you become used to it.

If you happen to burn the skin severely, you may need medical attention and when you are healed completely, you should never attempt such a treatment with such concentration without acquainting yourself first with the safety or precautionary measures.

Remember, you shouldn’t be acting carelessly which could lead to a bigger problem. Cosmetic treatments are to improve your appearance, not to subject it to the risks.   In short, always follow the instructions carefully and then only you can avail the benefits of such cosmetic treatments.

Readers’ personal experiences are encouraged here.  Please post your comments to enrich the information; queries will be replied by the experts.

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