Facial Chemical Peels – To Make You Look Younger and Beautiful

For a woman, her look and overall appearance count a lot.  She may compromise on many things and does not seem to bother about anything else other than her appearance.  When the appearance comes in question, the more visible parts in a body are the face, neck and hands.  When you talk to a woman as how she would feel when her look is considered attractive, you will invariably get very strong response in affirmative.  It is natural, since for a woman the face is something that represents her actually.  Skin treatment involving facial chemical peels is found a great help for many women and men to rejuvenate the skin, and to get rid of many skin problems.

When it comes to beautification matters, we find it a gigantic industry where numerous companies are out there with different types of cosmetic beauty solutions.  Some names are so popular that you do not hesitate to buy their products provided your budget permits you.  Skin related products are many.  However, not all the products available out there offer you solutions to all your skin problems.  You have to look in other directions too, to find a solution to some of your problems.  Facial chemical peel is among the best solutions and perhaps one of the most satisfactory methods too.   Facial chemical peels have the answer to many skin issues that affect the face in particular.

Chemical peels are very versatile and offer a better solution for a whole variety of skin problems.  Due to their effectiveness and no-so-difficult approach, chemical peels are gaining popularity fast.  People who can afford to have facial chemical peel surgery, do not hesitate and go right for its procedure under any qualified medical supervision.   Chemical peels have powerfully found their way into the fashion market.  With a variety of types to choose from, chemical peels are helping many people and the number is growing fast every year.

Facial chemical peels involve simple procedure.  You will be applied certain acids to the skin to burn the upper layer or epidermis in order to remove it.  This process allows the old and faulty skin to fall off and give way to new and healthy skin.  The new skin layer will not have what the old skin had.  It will be smooth, glowing, and healthy.  In some cases, the process has to go deeper where appropriate chemical peeling agent will be applied to remove the dermis.  The new skin will not have blemishes, wrinkles, lines, and will be free from many other common skin problems.   People with acne scarring, freckles, wrinkles, or skin damage due to overexposure to the sun, can undergo facial chemical peel to rejuvenate the skin and to have a fresh layer.  Facial chemical peel is also found good in getting you rid of aging effects on the skin of your face.

The facial chemical peels are done to have a tighter and youthful looking skin.  It does the job effectively since the chemical peel actually stimulates collagen production.  The type of chemical peel has to be selected accordingly.  Facial chemical peels can be done well under the supervision of a qualified medical practitioner or the one who is specialized in this field.  Depending on your needs, the expert can decide the type of chemical peel that can go well with your case.  Let us see the different types of chemical peels in brief.

Beta Hydroxy Acids, BHA

Beta Hydroxy Acids peels are oil soluble that cleans the skin and remove bacteria.  BHA peels remove dead skin cells and sebum oil, and found helpful in conditions like acne, psoriasis, and dermatitis. It is very mild type of chemical peel.   The healing time is less, and soon after the procedure ends you will find yourself with a much healthier and youthful skin.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids, AHA

Alpha Hydroxy Acids are the mildest chemical peels, involving chemicals made with sugar derivatives like glycolic acid, fruit acids, and lactic acid.  Alpha Hydroxy Acids are commonly used by dermatologists to perform facial chemical peels. Due to its very mild nature, it makes the peeling an outpatient procedure.   Since it can be performed in an hour or so, it has taken the nickname ‘lunchtime peel.’   The healing time in AHA chemical peel is also very short.  After a facial chemical peel is perform with Alpha Hydroxy Acids, you can find your skin free from any kind of pigmentation, sunspots, sun damage patches, acne scarring, etc.

Trichloaroacetic Acid, TCA

Trichloaroacetic Acid is a mild peel for slightly deeper application on the skin.  It gives good and lasting results.  Due to its deeper work, it can solve skin problems more than what you have with the peels of Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Beta Hydroxy Acids. TCA works well to remove acne, pigmentation problems, sun damage, scars, aging signs, and freckles.  Trichloaroacetic Acid peel can also remove the top layer of tattoos that lightens the tattoos appearance.

Phenol peels

When you have to go the deepest possible facial chemical peels, Phenol peels will be the choice.  While removing the top skin layers, phenol peels can work on the deeper layers and cleanse the unwanted marks that lie deeply.  Although Phenol peels are found to work well for deeper peeling, it may cause some heart problems since phenol is absorbed through the skin and enters the blood stream.  Due to its higher toxicity, it takes good time to heal properly; even you may have to wait for week before you find your skin going through the final healing.  Phenol peels are not usually used to perform facial chemical peels.

Facial chemical peels can help you regain the youthful and fresh skin again but you have to be wise enough to contact a qualified professional who is specialized in chemical peelings.  You have to have the facial chemical peels done only under his supervision so that you get the desired results without causing any damage to your face.  Before you decide to have facial chemical peel, view the matter from every angle and then take the decision.

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