Glycolic Acid Peel Before and After

Glycolic acid peel is a popular peel used by people who wish to treat their minor skin irregularities.  Aging signs, superficial marks and wrinkles, fine lines, etc can be well treated by this peel.

Glycolic acid is formulated from sugar cane.  It works by loosening up the damaged skin layer as it acts as an exfoliating agent on the skin surface.  Another good thing with this peel is it stimulates collagen growth.  Since this peel is relatively milder in nature, it can be used by people with sensitive skins and by those who do not want to take risks of any potential harm to their skin by using stronger peeling agents.

Many people consider glycolic acid peel as a good mean to slow down the natural aging process.  Well, it doesn’t stop aging; it simply removes the aging signs on the face that appear in form of wrinkles, lifeless skin, fine lines, etc.

This organic acid is created in a lab for peeling purpose.  The usual concentration of this acid used in a peel is 30% or greater.  This concentration or strength of glycolic acid can also be used to treat sun damages and mild acne scars.

To use this acid properly to get the desired results and to prevent any damage to the skin, it is necessary that you follow the glycolic acid peel before and after instructions carefully.  Following glycolic acid peel before and after directions seriously means you get what you wanted from this peel and avoid any complications after the treatment.

Before Glycolic Acid Peel

Glycolic acid peel pretreatment instructions aren’t many.  You just have to follow the instructions that apply to your case and skin type.  Usually, you will have to use some kind of pretreatment creams on the target area, use sunscreen during the daytime, inform the doctor or know about the effects of the medicines if you are taking any, etc.  You have to, however, take many steps after the peeling treatment is over if you want to get the desired results.

After Glycolic Acid Peel

While we are looking at details of glycolic acid peel before and after, we should bear in mind certain things that have to be avoided after the glycolic acid peel treatment.  It is necessary to follow such instructions that helps you get the desired results and also prevents any damage or complications.  Few instructions that you have to follow after a glycolic acid peel are:

  • Do not wash the face for about a day after the treatment
  • The treated skin may tempt you to itch since it may become itchy.  This is a temporary symptom and you have to control the itching urge.
  • You should not use for a day any kind of skin care products including toner or moisturizer
  • You should avoid dyeing the hair for two weeks after the treatment
  • You have to avoid excessive sweat buildup, avoid exercise or any strenuous activity for a few days after the treatment
  • Do not pick at the skin when it starts peeling after the treatment
  • Do not wax the eyebrows and upper lip for two weeks after the treatment
  • Do not use any product containing glycolic acid for a few days after the treatment

Some people prefer an anti-wrinkle treatment rather than a peel since they do not want to go through the healing process after the treatment.  In such cases, they may get some results but the results they can get from a glycolic acid peel are something that has to be appreciated.  If this peel is done as it should be, you would get very satisfactory results.

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