Glycolic Acid Peel Instructions

Glycolic acid peel instructions start from the time of selecting the acid concentration and end when the treated area heals completely.

Whenever a cosmetic skin treatment is being done, you can’t simply take the product and go on applying it without knowing about it and without knowing how it has to be applied, the risks involved, the precautions, and how the post treatment care has to be taken care of.  Nobody normally jumps to such treatments, no matter how mild cosmetic procedure it is, however what sort of information is essential should be known in every case.  Sometimes a cosmetic acid may not suit your conditions, sometimes its higher concentrations may produce undesirable results, sometimes side effects of a cosmetic treatment could be severe, and so on; in short, many things have to be known well before you start a cosmetic skin care treatment.

Knowing glycolic acid peel instructions is one such necessity that helps you a lot in getting the desired results and in preventing any wrong from happening.

Pretreatment Glycolic Acid Peel Instructions

You have to acquaint yourself with the following pretreatment details:

  • First, you should know what kind of skin you have and whether a glycolic peel will suit it
  • What are the skin abnormalities you suffer from and whether a mild chemical peel like glycolic acid peel will be a good choice
  • Is the peeling treatment safe to be done on  your own and whether you have the required knowledge and experience of the peeling agent

You have to do a skin patch test before applying the peel to the entire area.  This ensures whether you would go well with the acid and the concentration being used.

Follow Instructions of the Procedure

Depending on the product and its acid strength, you will be directed as how to use it properly.  Every product comes with instructions specific to it and you have to follow them carefully.  This ensures you don’t get any harm and the results for which you are doing the peeling treatment appear satisfactorily.

The procedural details would include how to apply the solution, how long you would have to leave it on the skin, how to remove it and what has to be done once the solution is removed from the skin.

Following the Post Peel Glycolic Acid Peel Instructions

Once you are done with the main procedure, you will have to take well care of the treated area since the skin will become very sensitive and it can be damaged if not protected.  You will read in the instructions as how to protect the skin from the sun, what to apply, if any, to help normal healing, and when you have to repeat the next peeling treatment; such post peel instructions will be clearly mentioned.  Furthermore, you have to be on the watch for the side effects which shouldn’t cross the normal limits, and if they do so, you should be ready to take action immediately in order to contain the discomfort and to get the desired results.

The Bottom Line

Glycolic acid peel treatment is not a cosmetic procedure that is associated with risks of severe nature; however, it can’t be taken lightly.  If you acquaint yourself with the required instructions, you are sure to get the many benefits of this skin treatment and, at the same time, will be preventing any harm to the skin.   Always follow the directions of the peeling treatment to save yourself from any discomforts.

Readers may take part in this discourse with their personal experience and queries.

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    1. I have a clariffication, is it okay to undergo Diamond peel right after the treatment of glycolic or i have to wait for several days ? If it is okay to undergo diamond peel and glycolic peel in one day, which one should be first , application of glycolic or diamond first.

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