How Effective is Homemade Glycolic Acid Peel

Homemade glycolic acid peels can’t be used in higher concentrations but still you can address many skin flaws of superficial nature by a carefully prepared homemade peel.  Such a peeling treatment costs much less than a professional one.

Not every peeling treatment can be done at home which doesn’t mean that you can’t undergo a peeling treatment at home by a peel that is made at home.  You can’t go for higher concentrations of the acid but still you can certainly benefit if you don’t have the treating conditions of severe nature.  A professionally made or commercially marketed glycolic acid peel product costs a considerable amount but it does a job that normally isn’t possible with a mild preparation.  Let’s learn what glycolic acid is and whether it can be prepared at home.

Glycolic Acid

Glycolic acid is naturally occurring fruit acid that belongs to a group of acids called AHA or alpha hydroxyl acids.  The acids in this group are the mildest ones and they are used in varying forms in the skincare regimen. While each of the acid has its own significance, glycolic acid is known to have a molecular structure that helps it penetrate more deeply and do the designated job more thoroughly; however, it doesn’t mean that it can be used for a depth that can actually be reached by chemical peels of medium depth or deep nature.  For superficial treatment, glycolic acid is preferred by many due to its safer and effective approach.  It can be prepared at home if you have the knowledge.

Effectiveness of Homemade Glycolic Acid Peel

When it comes to count the effectiveness of a homemade glycolic acid peel, obviously, it won’t be as powerful as a professionally made product. However, you don’t always need a treatment of intense nature, then why to spend a lot while you can do the job on your own in a fraction of the amount that you need to spend if the peel is done professionally.

Homemade glycolic peels can certainly be effective provided you prepare it correctly and only when you have to treat minor skin abnormalities.

Making Glycolic Acid Peel at Home

Glycolic acid is derived from fruits, and sugar cane is known as one of the best sources of the acid.  You can try to prepare a peeling agent at home by cane sugar.  To do so, you have to get some fine cane sugar, blend a quarter cup of the white sugar with lemon juice to increase efficiency of the peel.  If you have sensitive skin, then better use plain water instead of lemon juice.

You can apply it as you normally do a peeling procedure.  The product has to be washed off with warm water in about 10 minutes.  Apply a mild moisturizer after the treatment to help the skin from drying.

Once the peel is prepared, it can be stored in a refrigerator for about four days.  You can apply the acid daily or every alternate day.   You may experience slight irritation and flaking of the skin.  If these signs start to trouble a lot, better to stop the treatment, use it more diluted, or give more space between two treatments.  Just check the reaction of the acid on the skin and adjust the treatment accordingly.

In most of the cases, people will go very well with such a mild peeling treatment, and can certainly benefit by such a cheaper treating option.

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