How Much Does Chemical Peel Cost?

If you have to undergo a chemical peel treatment, you should bear in mind that it will not cost you less if you decide to do it in a medical professional’s office.  If you are able to take steps on your own, and if the skin flaws that have to be addressed are not so serious, consider doing a mild chemical peel at home.  However, to do so, you have to have enough knowledge and experience.

Cost of a Chemical Peel, How to Calculate

When it comes to calculate the cost of a chemical peel, you have to consider:

  • The type of chemical peel that suits your condition
  • Procedure cost of a chemical peel
  • Operating room expenses
  • Cost of medications
  • Fees covering pre and post treatment and visits
  • Area or the status of a clinic or the medical professional who performs the peel

Cost of a Chemical Peel, an Estimation

When we want to get an idea of the cost of a chemical peel, we can’t just generalize the issue and give you an exact figure.  This is not possible since the cost of a chemical peel depends on many factors.  Different aspects influence the cost of a chemical peel that include in which area you are going to undergo the treatment and since each clinic or peeling professional keeps his own offers, it is not easy to reach to a conclusion.  Moreover, it also depends on what type of peel you have to be treated with.

In order to give you an idea of an expected amount that you may have to pay just for the procedure of a chemical peel, we can say that it may cost you somewhere around $800 or so.  Again, this doesn’t include other related expenses, and depends on the area and performing expert’s own way of charging.  You can expect this figure as an average cost of a chemical peel.  This is, however, not a conclusive figure.

When we further dip into the details of the cost of a chemical peel’s procedure, we get the following figures for reference:

  • Approximate cost of a superficial chemical peel procedure: $150 – $300
  • Approximate cost of a medium chemical peel procedure: $1,000 to $2,000
  • Approximate cost of a deep chemical peel procedure: $2,500 to $6,500

Cost of a Chemical Peel, How to Economize

If you are offered a light or medium chemical peel as an alternative to cut down the budget, while you may still need a deeper peel, you should not jump and accept the offer.  First, find out how many peeling sessions are required for you to get the desired results, and whether the accumulated cost of all the peeling sessions is still economical.  This is very important and if you keep this point in mind, you can avoid falling into a commercial trap inadvertently.

Another way to economize the cost of a chemical peel is to find the best offer around your area.  Do some homework, search the net, get people’s frank reviews, and then take a decision.

Another effective yet very cheap way to have a chemical peel is buying a do-it-yourself peeling kit and perform the peel at home.  However, there are some preconditions in doing so; you have to have all the necessary information on peeling and the type of skin you have.  Moreover, you have to collect much information and know people’s personal experiences before you try to take a step on your own.

If you decide to start doing chemical peel at home, never jump to harsher acids or acids with higher strengths even if you go for a milder peel.  Progress gradually and very carefully.

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