How Much Does Vi Peel Cost?

Few of us have skin in almost a perfect condition where nothing needs to be done.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t go true with most of the people.  Many reasons are behind the development of skin flaws.  Lifestyle with unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise, aging, premature aging, overexposure to the sun, acne, and such factors negatively affect the skin and people clearly notice a fall in attraction of their face or other body parts.

When it becomes necessary to get rid of many troubling skin flaws or abnormalities, including aging signs, it common to find the ways that rid us of the troubling factors.  Chemical peels are the famous treatments that are widely in use to address many skin irregularities.  Each peel has its own significance, way of treatment, risks, side effects, depth of penetration, and cost.  Vi peel, a new generation chemical peel, is fast gaining the confidence of many users due to its many advantages over other chemical peels.  Let’s find out how affordable it is and whether the cost worth the results.

Approximate Vi Peel Cost

It has been openly accepted that Vi peel is the best alternative to pricey facelift and other anti-aging treatments.  It should also be noted that you can’t announce a definite cost of a Vi peel since many factors heavily influence the cost.   However, just to give you an idea, we can mention an estimated range of its cost, that is, US$ 400 to US$ 500.  No, the upper figure can still go higher, so don’t take it as a final figure.

Some offices may charge you US$ 260 for a single Vi peel, and US$ 730 to a series of three Vi peel treatments.  However, for the same treatments, some other clinics may charge differently, may be less or more than the above figures.  If you read more, you’d know what are the influencing factors behind Vi peel cost assessment and why it is not possible to generalize the issue.

Vi Peel Cost, the Influencing Factors

Basically, Vi peel is a relatively customized treatment and the price is fixed accordingly.  Some of the main cost-influencing factors are:

  • Body areas to be treated
  • Skin condition
  • Geographical location of the treating office
  • Treating professional’s qualification and experience
  • Pricing policy of a clinic

Vi Peel Treatment and Insurance Cover

Nope, most of the cosmetic procedures done without a medical emergency aren’t considered eligible for insurance coverage. So, don’t rest your budget planning on its hope unless you have a medical necessity to undergo a cosmetic treatment.

Finding the Applicable Cost of Vi Treatment

When you have to undergo such a treatment and want to know how much you have to adjust the budget, the best thing you should do is doing some homework.  Search different sources to find the places where you can have the treatment done easily.  Since Vi peel isn’t a procedure that has to be done at home, you are bond to have it done by a professional. So, look for the professionals, get patients’ reviews about them, and then start making personal visits to the interested locations to determine the cost application to your very case.  This is the only way that can help you get the right cost of treatment applicable to your specific case.

Readers can post their comments and information related to the places where newcomers can get the peels done economically and properly as well.  Please take part in this noble task of helping others.

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    1. Kates, it depends where you currently live and where you intend to travel. However, this cosmetic procedure isn’t a full fledged surgery that costs awfully, and for such works, by traveling to places where medical facilities enjoy a good standard, you may save some amount, but not for minor cosmetic works like a chemical peel (don’t forget your travelling expenses, and the expenses you would have to bear abroad).


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