How to Apply TCA Peel

TCA peel is one of the satisfactory skin care procedures that should actually be done by a skin care professional.  However, with enough experience and knowledge of the peel, you may undergo its treatment at home with lower concentration of the acid.

Some cosmetic treatment related to skin care can be done by an individual provided the right knowledge and experience is gained.  Some cosmetic skin treatments shouldn’t be tried at home even if you know a lot about it.  However, when it comes to a TCA peel, you may take a careful approach to the procedure while you opt for low strength of the acid. Knowing how to apply TCA peel can help you know the procedure involved and after collecting other essential details, you will be in a position to try the peel on your own. Still, it is suggested that a TCA peel isn’t something that should be played with.  It is a medium depth chemical peel that can cause harm to your body if not done properly and if you fail to follow all the instructions. Let’s take a look on how the peel should be applied.

TCA Peel

Trichloroacetic acid or TCA peel is a medium depth chemical peel that produces a wound much deeper than a light or mild chemical peel like AHA.  Obviously, when a peel is used that affects relatively deep, it can’t be taken lightly since the chances of its post peel complications increase according to its penetration level.  The peel can be used in varying concentrations and if you are doing it at home, never go for higher concentrations which are reserved for the experts only.

A TCA peel is found effective for many kinds of skin irregularities which respond very well to a TCA treatment.  The peel has the potential to work on skin abnormalities that are of more deeper nature.

How to Apply a TCA Peel

Once you ensure you have followed all the pretreatment steps, you are ready for the actual peeling treatment.

  • Before you start the actual procedure on a wider area, it is always a good idea to do a patch test.  This has to be done on a small area just to ensure your skin accepts the treatment.  Go for a low concentration of the acid that should be in accordance with the conditions to treat.
  • By using a cleanser, clean the target area to remove oil and dirt.  An alcohol prep pad can do the job for instance.
  • Apply some ointment around the eyes to protect it from the acid.
  • By using a cotton ball or swab, apply the solution to the target area evenly.
  • The skin starts to burn a bit and would turn white or frost in a minute or so.
  • Apply a second coat if you don’t find the skin frosting.
  • The solution has to be left on the skin for some time before washing it off with cold water.
  • Apply water dampened cotton or cloth to the treated area. Neutralizer can also be used.
  • After the treated area turns pink or brown, apply some antibacterial ointment.

This completes the main procedure of TCA treatment.  As far as the strength of the acid that should be used and the time it has to be left on the skin are concerned, you have to follow the instructions you receive with the product.  You should actually select a TCA product that suits your treating condition and your experience level.

What should you know before the Treatment?

Applying the peel isn’t a big deal, what you have to do before and after the peel is something that you have to know very well.  Moreover, you should be fit for a TCA peel treatment and know very well how to take care of the treated area if something goes wrong.  Remember, TCA peel shouldn’t be taken lightly.

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