How to Use TCA Peel ?

TCA is considered among one of the widely used chemical peels dealing with many kinds of skin irregularities. Knowing how to use TCA peel can help people solve many skin problems provided the peel is done properly and the post peel instructions are followed seriously.

Chemical peels can do a wonderful job if used properly.  It is not uncommon to suffer from skin irregularities as we age, or many other factors can influence our skin and we lose its health and normal appearance. Many kinds of skin treatments are out there in the market and chemical peels are known for their effectiveness against many kinds of skin abnormalities.  TCA peel is widely known for its excellent results that we can get safely if the peel is done the way it should be.  Knowing how to use TCA peel can help many people do the peeling treatment and get the benefits it offers.

How to Use TCA Peel

TCA peel isn’t something that can be played with.  The acid has the potential to work at relatively deep on the skin since TCA is a medium depth peel.  Do not attempt a peeling treatment unless you know everything about it apart from its application norms.  Here, we explain briefly the way it has to be applied.

  • Get the right concentration of the acid that suits your treating conditions and your experience level.  Beginner should always go for the low side.
  • A patch test becomes necessary with a peel of TCA caliber.  This helps you know how you go with the peel.  Select a suitable spot and apply the solution, follow the procedure as if you are doing the actual peel.  Give about 24 hours to the area to show how it goes with the treatment.  It shouldn’t develop burning, itching, etc. to prove the treatment can be accepted.  If so, go on with the actual treatment.
  • Before attempting the actual procedure, you have to do some preparations as pre peel treatment.  For this, you have to use alpha hydroxy cream or Retin-A twice daily for a week prior to the TCA treatment.  This procedure can help you get the best from a TCA peel.
  • Wash the face with a gentle cleanser and pat it dry.
  • Apply TCA solution with an applicator or a makeup brush; wear gloves to protect the hands.
  • Start with the chin, forehead, cheeks and then nose, with upward strokes by ensuring you cover the entire area evenly.  Ensure you don’t accidently let the acid enter the eyes.
  • Leave the solution on for a few minutes (check the instructions come with the kit) before applying neutralizer with a cotton swab or cloth.  Cover the entire treated area.
  • Use a gentle cleanser to remove any traces of the acid, and then apply an antibiotic cream or petroleum jelly to the treated area to ensure you heal normally and to prevent any complications.

Follow the Post-Peel Instructions

One thing you have to keep in mind is that it isn’t difficult to use TCA peel at home or on your own without taking the help of a skin specialist, but you must also know what you have to do before the peel and what has to be done after the treatment.  You have to know what concentration suits your treating conditions.  You would get instructions with the solution which guide you to all the essential steps that are to be taken to ensure you get the benefits of the treatment and prevent any harm to the skin.

You have to remember that TCA is a medium depth peel and unlike a mild or light chemical peel, it deserves more respect and attention.  Attempt a peeling treatment with TCA only after getting yourself fully aware of the peel.

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