Jessner Peel Downtime

Jessner peel downtime varies from case to case and if you want to take an average downtime time, it could be anywhere from three to seven days.  Depth of a chemical peel very much affects the downtime, and other factors are also involved in determining Jessner peel downtime.

People want to undergo a chemical peel treatment in order to improve their appearance that could negatively be affected by aging or by other reasons.  Wrinkles, fine lines, uneven pigmentation, scars, etc., are the common complaints people get throughout their life.   Aging is one big factor to affect negatively your appearance.

As we age, the skin starts to lose its elasticity, dead skin cells and other skin blemishes start to deposit on the surface of the skin, overexposure to the sun also play havoc, and many other factors make us appear differently.  Those who care to pay attention to the appearance succeed in fighting most of the skin abnormalities and they can’t do it without taking the help of cosmetic treatments.

Jessner Peel Downtime

As with any other chemical peel, downtime of a Jessner peel is subjected to various factors, and you can’t pinpoint a definite figure for that.  Not only the skin specialist, but also the patient has to bear some responsibility to ensure everything goes normally and not only the healing should be normal but also no undesirable results should happen.  Some chemical peels just take about two to four days as downtime, while some need even nine days.   Let’s take a closer look on this issue.

Downtime Depends on Various Factors

While we talk about the downtime of a chemical peel, we have to look into various aspects.  The downtime very much depends on how deeply the treatment has been done.  Sometimes, you need stronger solution to address the kind of skin flaws that aren’t very superficial in nature. Obviously, when a stronger peeling solution is used, the ‘burning’ effect or the ‘injury’ would be deeper too, and you should know that the deeper the treatment is done, the longer will be the healing process.

Another thing that affects Jessner peel downtime is how the skin has been taken care of after a peeling procedure. When things go normally and you take well care of the treated skin, everything else will remain within the normal boundaries and also you won’t be subjected to severe kinds of side effects or complications after the treatment.

Once you undergo a peeling treatment, you would need a time in which the skin heals itself from the wound it receives as a result of a peeling treatment.  A certain amount of time is required for each peel to encourage peeling of the damaged layer.  Jessner peel is taken as a superficial peel and you would experience mild to moderate peeling in one or two days after the treatment.

Chemical Peels and Skin Care

Chemical peeling is a kind of treatment that removes the damaged skin layers and encourages takeover by new and healthy layers. When a damaged skin layer is removed, it takes with it many things. Repeated use of an exfoliating agent enables the skin to shed many kinds of abnormalities.  As a result, the skin appears with fewer problems or with no defects at all, as the results depends on the type of problem and the kind of treatment done. Regular use of chemical peels ensures you retain skin’s health for a much longer period.

When you are selected for a Jessner peel treatment, you will be informed of many things and you can even get an idea of the expected results.  Knowing downtime of a chemical peel treatment can help you program accordingly.

Jessner peel seems to offer many benefits as you can treat moderate types of skin abnormalities safely and effectively.  Its downtime normally remains within reasonable limits.

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