Salicylic Acid Concentrations and Their Effect

Salicylic acid concentrations and their effect on the skin should be known by every salicylic user.  This important information can help us avail the many benefits of the treatment and also prevent us from inflicting any harm to the treated area. Moreover, this knowledge can be used to take necessary measures when the need arises.

Concentration of Salicylic Acid in Cosmetic Use

Salicylic acid is available in varying strengths to suit different treating conditions.  While low acid strength products can be had without a prescription, higher acid concentration products can’t.  While you can use the low strength products on your own, without professional supervision, higher concentrations must only be used under professional care.

In the beauty care regimen, you can commonly get salicylic acid products in a range of  0.5% to 30% acid concentration.  The products are formulated to produce effects of light, medium and deep nature.  The more concentrated the acid is, the deeper will be the results and, of course, the higher will be its risks.

Various Salicylic Acid Concentrations and Their Effect

Topical salicylic acid preparations, alone or in combination with other medications, are used to treat skin conditions such as psoriasis, acne, lichen simplex, seborrheic dermatitis, viral warts, etc.

  • 1% to 5% concentration of the acid is usually used in anti-acne cream
  • 2% concentration is used for skincare routine
  • 10% strengths are usually used in a chemical peel treatment with salicylic acid
  • 20%  acid strength is used in salicylic acid peeling treatment to produce deeper results
  • 30% is considered high strength that is used for skin disorders of relatively severe nature where the malfunctioning of sebaceous glands causes acne, or when the skin suffers from sun damages, etc.

These are the commonly used acid concentrations on which we have to focus our concentration.

Approach Safely

Though you normally won’t be getting higher acid strength salicylic products without a prescription, you should, however, keep in mind that it is always a better idea to start with low acid concentration.  Once you are used to the acid and know how your skin reacts to it and whether any side effects are becoming a source of concern, you can progress gradually with the concentration.  Again, keep a watch on the reactions and never overdo the treatment in hope of getting better results.

Since salicylic acid isn’t left free from any side effects and from the risks of even serious nature, you should always seek professional help if you are starting the product for the first time.  Moreover, if your treating conditions require a relatively high acid strength, you shouldn’t take the decision in your hand, ask a skincare professional.  You should remember that in some cases the use of salicylic acid could prove very harmful.  Moreover, always ensure you follow the instructions of use very carefully.

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