Salicylic Acid for Rosacea & Its Effectiveness

Talking about the effectiveness of salicylic acid for rosacea is something that doesn’t seem to be a topic of discussion since many know that rosacea is a difficult thing to cure but it can be kept from getting worse by certain treatments.

Rosacea and Its Few Common Symptoms

It is no wonder to know the estimation of the National Rosacea Society that over 16 million Americans are suffering from this skin disorder but few of them know much about it.  The disorder often appears as a skin bump around the hair follicle, which results due to the buildup of the skin keratin. It affects both the men and women.  When you suffer from it, you are sure to find yourself in an embarrassing situation since the feel, look and texture of the affected skin get disturbed significantly. When it appears on the face, it reddens the skin or appears as a copper-like hue.

If you find yourself with an abnormal redness on the cheeks, nose, chin or the forehead, better have it checked to determine the cause and find a solution if it is the start of rosacea.

It can first mimic acne, though there is no relation between them.  Rosacea has a distinguished characteristic, that it is hyper-reactive to the heat and the conditions become worse when you subject yourself to heat.

Salicylic Acid for Rosacea

The role of salicylic acid for rosacea is limited or, in some cases, none.  It may or may not produce some results.  However, since it exfoliates the skin cells from the outer layer, it may somewhat help the condition, and with its regular use, you may find some improvement over time.  However, if you think salicylic acid would satisfy you with the treatment, you are not correct.  When you approach a skin specialist, you may be prescribed salicylic acid peel treatment as a component of a larger treating plan.  Moreover, your conditions will be evaluated by the dermatologist and the right course of action will be determined that may include salicylic acid as one of the treating aids.


While it doesn’t seem that you will get enough help with salicylic acid for rosacea, you can’t either turn it down considering it useless.  Salicylic acid has a role to play when it is used to address rosacea.

If you are suffering from this skin disorder, you should better get in touch with a dermatologist in order to assess the problem and to find the right course of action that may or may not include salicylic acid.  However, if you are thinking to undergo the salicylic acid treatment to address rosacea on your own, this won’t be a good idea.  Many cases are there who tried such a treatment but failed to get the desired results.

Readers’ comments and personal experiences with salicylic acid for rosacea can be posted here to enrich the information.  Queries will be replied by the experts.

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