TCA Peel at Home

Not every cosmetic skin treatment can be done at home and, at the same time, it is not necessary that every chemical peel treatment should be done at a skin care clinic or by a skin specialist.  Certain conditions are necessary to be met for a peel to be performed at home on your own or without having to consult a dermatologist or a skin specialist. TCA peel usually is known an experts’ peel, however, it can be performed at home provided you have the required experience and knowledge of the peel and, even then you should never go for higher concentrations. Let’s see this issue closely.

TCA, a Medium Depth Peel

TCA or trichloroacetic acid peel is a kind of chemical peel that works deeper than an alpha hydroxyl acid peel and it has the potential to create a deeper wound that helps clear skin irregularities that originate from that level.  It certainly produces results much better than a light chemical peel like AHA.  The peel is available in varying concentrations or you get the option to use the peel in varying strengths.

A TCA treatment is done to address many kinds of skin flaws including wrinkles, sun damages, superficial scars, etc.

Doing TCA Peel at Home

Do it yourself TCA peel must be of lower concentration and should suit the skin condition and your treating requirements.  Many people undergo a TCA peel treatment at home but they do it after acquainting themselves with all the essential knowledge of the procedure and after getting all the relevant information.

If you get the opinion of qualified medical professionals about using TCA peel at home, you won’t get it in positive. Since the risks of side effects of this peel are more intense, no medical professional would recommend you to take the risks.  However, if you collect all the necessary information about the peel, and acquaint yourself how to take care of the skin if something goes wrong, you may proceed with the treatment.  However, never go for the higher concentrations, start with a low concentration and increase the strength as you start to gain experience.

Follow the Instructions

When you get an at home TCA peel product, you will receive all the instructions of what you have to do before the treatment, how the procedure should be done, and what has to be done after the procedure as post peel care.  Such details are essential before you attempt a peeling procedure on your own.

You should never overdo the treatment and must stick to the peeling schedule.  Moreover, you have to know first whether your skin would accept the acid and whether you are fit for the treatment.

TCA peel is associated with certain side effects and unless you know them and know how to minimize their risk, you won’t be dong justice to yourself.  Don’t forget that by doing such a cosmetic treatment, you are risking your face which could suffer significantly if something goes wrong after the treatment.

The Bottom Line

Though your doctor may not recommend you to undergo a TCA peel treatment at home on your own, many people undergo its treatment at home after getting all the related information, and they don’t go for the higher concentrations of the acid.  If you wish to do this cosmetic treatment at home, do it very carefully and after getting all the necessary details about the TCA treatment.  Moreover, don’t get late to approach a physician if you don’t find things going normally.

Visitors are encouraged to post their experiences for the benefit of those who wish to undergo a TCA treatment at home.

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