TCA Peel Before and After

It is essential, since depending on what has to be treated, you will have to undergo some preparatory steps and when the treatment completes, you have to ensure you take well care of the treated area.  If you do so, you will get the desired results.

Knowing TCA peel before and after information can help you get the most from this cosmetic procedure and, at the same time, helps you minimize the risks of such a peel which works more deeply and won’t go without consequences if not taken care of properly.  This isn’t specific to a TCA peel, but for any peeling treatment there are many things that have to be done apart from the actual procedure.

The deeper the peel, the more things will be required to ensure you get the benefits of the treatment and prevent any harm from happening. In the following lines, we try to mention some common TCA peel before and after information which may not satisfy every potential patient; what exactly has to be done may vary according to the conditions and the skin specialist will be in a better position to address this issue more precisely.  Anyway, the general Dos and Don’ts may remain the same and let’s have a look on them.

Before TCA Peel

Let’s take a brief look on what you have to do before a TCA peel treatment.

  • Visit a skin care facility to have your skin abnormalities evaluated and to know which chemical peel would suit to treat them.  You may or may not require a medium depth peeling treatment like TCA.
  • Inform the dermatologist about any medications you are taking, any allergies you have suffered from, or if you have suffered from any skin disorders in the past like keloid or hypertrophic scars.
  • You will be advised not to use any exfoliating agent about three to four weeks prior to a TCA procedure.  Likewise, you will also be restricted the use of hair removal products.
  • You will be required to undergo a pretreatment procedure with a mild AHA preparation or Retin-A, for a certain period of time before the procedure.  This may become necessary in certain treating conditions or to improve the performance of TCA peel.
  • Your skin will be treated for any abnormalities if necessary.

As before a TCA peel treatment necessity, you have to inform the dermatologist what are your expectations and know exactly what will be the results of the treatment and after how long you will be able to notice them.  Moreover, once you are in the professional hands, you will be guided fully as what are the preparatory steps that are to be taken prior to a TCA peel treatment.

After TCA Peel

When the treating procedure completes, you will have to assume a bigger responsibility in order to ensure you get the results for which the treated would be done, and also to prevent any complications through a normal healing.  You will be on your own now, but you will be duly guided about the post treatment instructions. The treated area has to be well taken care of.  Some of the common instructions will be:

  • Always sleep with head elevated, for a few days.
  • Keep applying the prescribed soothing medications.  This helps you prevent the discomfort resulting from the healing wound and ensure the treated area heals normally.  You should also use a good moisturizer to keep the area moist.  You will also be recommended using ice pack treatment initially to reduce swelling.
  • You will be informed against picking or touching the skin, and against puncturing the blisters if any.
  • You have to wear the recommended sunscreen for a long time.  This becomes very much necessary especially when you go outdoors.

In short, when you undergo a TCA peel treatment in a professional skin care clinic, you will be given all the necessary TCA peel before and after instructions which you must follow seriously to ensure you get the desired results and prevent any complications.

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