TCA Peel Downtime

While the results of a light chemical peel aren’t so impressive, TCA has the potential to address skin flaws more deeply and thoroughly.  If you want to tolerate the recovery time, a TCA peel treatment can benefit you a lot if your skin conditions require such a peel.

For many people the recovery time after a chemical peel matters a lot.  Sometimes you don’t find enough time to spare for such a cosmetic treatment but the need to undergo an aesthetic treatment remains pressing and you may have to have a peel done.  If you go for a light chemical peel with little to no downtime, you may not get the desired results if the skin abnormalities for which you look for such a treatment aren’t the types that respond to a light chemical peel.

If your treating conditions require a medium depth peel, you would have no option other than going for a TCA peel treatment or opting for another skin treatment that could work at that depth.  Sometimes you can resolve the problem with a light chemical peel treatment done in repeated sessions, but this may or may not suit every case and you may have to go for a medium depth peel ultimately.  Let’s find more about TCA peel downtime and see whether we are able to manage it with our tight schedule.

Chemical Peels and Recovery Time

It should be known that chemical peels recovery times vary with skin type and the peel used.  Moreover, the strength of an acid used in the treatment also affects the healing of the wound caused by the peeling treatment.  The more aggressive the peeling treatment, the more days or time should be added to the recovery.  Strength of a peel very much matters when it comes to count the downtime.  A light or mild chemical peel may need little, or in some cases, no downtime whereas a medium depth peel needs substantial time for recovery, and when it is a deep peel, you have to spare a good amount of time before you get the recovery.

If your  skin condition and goals require a chemical peel treatment like salicylic acid, Vi peel, Jessner and glycolic, you won’t have to wait long for the recovery and in less than a week’s time, you are back on foot.

TCA Peel Downtime

TCA is a medium depth chemical peel treatment that creates a wound more severe than a light chemical peel and, obviously, it needs a good time for recovery.  You are sure to be out of action for about a week or so.  In normal cases, you can go back to your normal schedule after six or seven days particularly with some makeup.  Once the sloughing off process completes, you can wear makeup to hide any abnormality of the treated area.

If the skin irregularities that are to be corrected are relatively deep and need a medium depth peeling treatment, you have to opt for a peel that works at that level.  TCA is known to produce good results and many plastic surgeon, dermatologic surgeons and other skin care professionals like to do a TCA treatment when you approach them with significant wrinkles, etc.

If you want to have a TCA peel done and find not enough time to spare for the recovery, you may be recommended a cover up makeup so that you may get back to work even during the recovery time.  If you approach a certified medical practitioner, you are sure to get a solution to the problem.  If you take a closer look on the recovery process, you can find what bothers you exactly; it is not the discomfort, but the appearance that keeps you stay behind.

In short, when the TCA treatment is done by a medical professional, it normally takes about seven days for the recovery, and you are sure to get lot of help in every direction.

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