TCA Peel for Hyperpigmentation

TCA peel for hyperpigmentation is found to produce results when applied carefully.  At the same time, a TCA peel treatment itself can cause pigmentation problem as one of the side effects of the peel.  In both of the cases, a well-planned treatment won’t go without satisfactory consequences. What it needs is a careful approach to address the problem effectively.

What is Pigmentation or Hyperpigmentation?

Pigmentation problem can make our appearance unsightly.  Pigmentation is a common skin condition where dark color patches appear on the skin.  When the skin produces too much pigment, it appears as patches on the surface.  This condition is usually harmless but can affect the appearance.

Different types of pigmentation affect us which are Chloasma, Melasma, Freckles, Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and Sun damages that appear due to the harmful effect of the sun rays.  Different parts of the body can be affected with this skin disorder.

In melasma, the skin gets brown patches on the face of adult individuals. Cheeks, forehead, upper lip and bridge of nose are the locations where you get this skin disorder.

Chloasma is mostly seen in pregnant women when melanin is overproduced.  This discoloration mostly appears on the face and occasionally on the abdomen. The condition gets worse due to sun exposure.

Sun damages or liver spots can form on the body when we are exposed too much to the sun. This condition is also referred as solar lentigines, which mostly affects the face, hands, and to the areas which are exposed to the sun.

Freckles are related to heredity.   Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation or PIH can affect us after an injury to the skin such as after acne, or after any trauma to the skin.

Different treatments are in practice to address this skin disorder and TCA peel for hyperpigmentation is one such method that produces satisfactory results when done properly.  Though PIH or post inflammatory hyperpigmentation can also result from a normal TCA peel treatment, it can be kept under control if the post peel instructions are followed carefully and if the skin specialist carefully monitors the recovery.

TCA Peel and Hyperpigmentation

Some people develop post inflammatory hyperpigmentation after a TCA treatment.  If you are undergoing a TCA peel treatment in a skin clinic or under the supervision of an experienced skin care professional, you are less likely to develop this condition since the recovery is closely monitored.  You should know that TCA peel is an effective cosmetic procedure to address many skin irregularities at relatively deeper nature but certain side effects are associated with the treatment that necessitates the procedure to be done properly and post peel recovery to be monitored.

TCA Peel for Hyperpigmentation

A skin specialist may opt for a TCA treatment if you approach him with hyperpigmentation  problem. You will probably need a topical anesthesia before the procedure which is necessary to prevent stinging sensation. The acid is applied for a certain period of time.  You will experience crusting or scabbing and perhaps the treated area will be swollen for few days after the treatment.  When the area heals sufficiently, you can notice the dark patches gone.  Though the skin still may not appear normal in color, it will regain its original color soon.

Now, the patient has to bear sole responsibility and take care of the treated area as advised.  Post peel instructions are essential to be followed seriously, if not, the problem of hyperpigmentation is more likely to return.  Most importantly, you have to protect is from the sun by following the recommendation of the surgeon or skin specialist who performs the treatment.

Depending on the treating conditions and the results, you may require another session of this cosmetic procedure to ensure the skin loses all the traces of pigmentation and returns to normal.

Do not forget that proper aftercare is essential to prevent hyperpigmentation from returning.

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