TCA Peel for Stretch Marks

A well-planned approach can produce satisfactory results when a TCA peel for stretch marks is done.  When proper concentration of TCA is used alone for stretch marks, it helps, but up to certain limits.

When you get stretch marks on a more visible part of the body, you are sure to suffer from the marks that certainly work negatively on your appearance.   When we try to find ways to remove these marks, we can’t miss the role of chemical peels in treating various skin abnormalities including stretch marks.  Though we can’t take a medium depth peeling treatment as the sure way to rid of the marks, they seem to help in fading the scars.

TCA peel for stretch marks has been found helpful by some, while some cases have to undergo a combination therapy to deal with stretch marks.  In any case, many things depend on the prevailing conditions and a close look on the case can help you find the right course of action.  Let’s find more about this issue.

How Stretch Marks Forms

When the skin is stretched or abnormally distended for a long time, we find stretch marks over that area.  You can normally experience these marks due to weight gain or pregnancy.  When the skin is stretched abnormally for a long time, the structure is ruptured.  Unlike a wound that creates a scar, stretch marks are created from inside out.   Most of the pregnant women do get these marks and you can’t prevent them from forming.  You can, however, deal with it later on but you can’t stop them from forming.

When it comes to address stretch marks, we know that the right source to deal with this problem is a skin specialist or a cosmetic surgeon.  Many kinds of treating options are open to address this skin disorder.  You can even find topical applications that may or may not help in every case.  Chemical peel treatment is also an option that has its limits to work on stretch marks.

Is TCA Peel for Stretch Marks Effective

When you consider undergoing a TCA peeling treatment for stretch marks, you will have two options, either to have it done at a skin care clinic, or to do it on your own.  Obviously, when such things are done professionally by the experts you are sure to get results much better than when done on your own, usually.  It is truer in case of a TCA peeling treatment since TCA is a medium depth peel that could bother you a lot if not done properly.

Moreover, what you can’t do at home, can easily be done by a skin specialist.  A cosmetic surgeon, for instance, has the potential to use TCA at higher strengths and still you won’t get any complications.  This can’t be done at home.  Obviously, when a skin treatment is done with higher concentration of acid, you are sure to find more thorough results.

TCA is a medium depth peel that works more deeply than a light chemical peel.  Stretch marks are deeply embedded and a TCA peel alone can help it fade considerably.   However, a dermatologist has the experience and skill to use a combination of treatments, not just a TCA peel, in order to achieve more satisfactory results.

The Bottom Line

TCA peel for stretch marks can be an effective way to deal with this kind of skin problem when the treatment is done more professionally.  You can achieve some results at home, but they may not be as satisfying as a professionally done work.  A skin specialist is the right source to do such treatments. Your case will be evaluated and the right course of action will be taken.

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