TCA Peel Instructions

If you know the TCA peel instructions, you will be in a better position to benefit from this cosmetic procedure.  TCA, a medium depth peeling treatment, isn’t something that can be taken as lightly as a mild or light chemical peel, since mistakes or carelessness in this kind of skin treatment won’t be tolerated.  If you are aware of all the TCA peel instructions, you can prevent any undesirable results.

Regardless of what nature of a chemical peel treatment you are supposed to undergo, you have to follow many pre and post treatment instructions which mostly depend on the kind of peeling agent being used in the treatment.  Some peeling treatments demand more from a patient since they work rather deeply and when a skin treatment is done at that level, complications are sure to arise if not taken care of.  TCA peel is a medium depth peel; in other words, it is an aggressive peeling treatment that creates a deeper ‘wound’ that obviously need lot of precautionary steps to be taken in order to get the desired results and to ensure normal healing. If you are considering undergoing a TCA treatment, you should make yourself aware of all the pre and post treatment instructions.

Preparation, Pretreatment Instructions

First, you have to find a place you where you can undergo a TCA treatment conveniently.  A visit to the skin specialist who would do the treatment can help you sort out many things so that you are well prepared for the procedure.  Moreover, such a pretreatment visit is also essential to have yourself checked to ascertain you are fit for such a skin care procedure.  The common TCA Peel instructions that you would have to follow before the actual treatments are:

  • Stop using any exfoliating agents at least three to four weeks before the TCA treatment.
  • Stop doing any hair removal treatment over the target area at least three to four weeks in advance of the actual TCA treatment.
  • Start applying a mild AHA cream or lotion to the target area every night, and at least two weeks before the treatment.
  • You shouldn’t be on Accutane product for at least six months prior to a TCA treatment.
  • Have other skin condition treated, well in advance, such as sunburns, or any abnormality on the skin of the target area.
  • Don’t use any skin care product on the day of the actual procedure with TCA.

The above list can’t be taken as conclusive and once your treating conditions is checked by a skin care professional, you may be informed of many more things according to the prevailing conditions.

Post Treatment Instructions

Once the TCA treatment is over, you will be given a list of many Dos and Don’ts that you have to follow strictly in order to ensure normal healing and to get the benefits of the peeling treatment.  Some of the TCA post peel instructions are:

  • Get a helping hand to drive you back and to take care of other necessities.
  • Don’t lie down on flat surface; keep the head elevated for about two to three days.
  • Apply ice pack for two to three days to reduce swelling.  Do as directed.
  • Mix one tablespoon of white vinegar with one pint of warm water; soak the treated area by using cotton washcloth; continue this four times a day for several days.
  • Ensure the skin is kept moist.  The physician would recommend you some preparations for this purpose.
  • Do not touch the treated area.  Avoid temptation to itch or pick the scabs.
  • Do not play with blisters, if any.
  • Wear a sunscreen with SPF rating of 15 to 40.  This you have to do to protect the treated area from ultraviolet light.   Be very careful while going outdoors.  Take this precaution for a real long time if you want to preserve the good results.
  • Contact the physician in case you find any abnormality on the treated site.

Once you are thorough with the TCA procedure, you will be properly guided what has to be done and how, and ensure to follow all the TCA peel instructions carefully.

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