Vi Peel Before and After

Our Vi peel before and after details will concentrate more on what you have to do before and the treatment and what has to be done after a Vi peel treatment.  Moreover, we shall also discuss briefly some other aspects of this wonderful peel.

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Necessity of a Peeling Treatment

It is natural for us to age, and as we age, our body starts to show the weakness.  Our skin seems to suffer from the very beginning of the retarding process.  It is, in fact, the most visible part of a body that shows signs of both being healthy or while we lose health.  It is normal to develop fine lines, wrinkles, sun damages, discoloration, etc.  Not only the age, but also many other factors negatively affect the skin, and when the skin is damaged, our appearance is influenced negatively.  When this happens to us, we turn towards chemical peels to get the skin rid of its flaws.  Vi peel is one of the peels, introduced not too long ago, that promises very good results without causing much discomfort.  If we properly take care of the Vi peel before and after instructions, we are sure to get the desired results, safely and satisfactorily.

Vi Peel Procedure

First, you should know that Vi peel procedure should be done in a spa, dermatology clinic, or under the supervision of a certified medical professional; it is not a peel that can be done at home safely.

The procedure is not a complicated one.  It finishes in about half an hour.  The solution is applied to the target area and washed off in few hours, usually five hours is the limit. Soon after the applications, you can freely return to your normal activities.  Except for a little discomfort of prickling sensation, you won’t be having any pain or burning.  The treatment can be repeated with a couple of weeks’ spacing, which largely depends on the treating condition or on your goal.

Before Vi Peel

Unlike many other chemical peels of this caliber, you don’t have to do many things before a Vi peel treatment.  Moreover, you don’t need to undergo any skin preparatory treatment.

  • Find a good place to have the peeling done
  • Check out your suitability for the treatment
  • Prepare yourself with the realistic goal or expectation

After Vi Peel

While we look at the after Vi peel treatment necessities, we don’t find any instructions that are uncommon among other peeling treatments.  However, unlike other chemical peels of relatively harsher nature, you won’t be suffering from many discomforts.

Like with any other chemical peel, you have to take care of the after Vi peel instructions, carefully and seriously.  Such steps are necessary to avoid the potential side effects and risks associated with most of the peels.

  • Wash the face after the prescribed time and apply a post peel moisturizer
  • Protect the skin from the sun by applying a sun block whenever you go outdoors
  • Don’t try to pick the peeling skin, otherwise you will be subjecting yourself to many undesirable results
  • Drink lots of fluids to encourage better results

The Vi peel treatment is for seven days, and you will get the results once the process is completed.  When you undergo this treatment in a professional’s office, you will be told what you have to do during these seven days.  Just follow the instructions and avail the great results of a Vi peel treatment.

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