Vi Peel Ingredients

Secret behind Vi Peel’s Growing Popularity

A lot more is being said about the advantages of Vi peel over other commonly used traditional peels with similar results.  The secret lies in Vi peel’s ingredients that are carefully tailored to produce such highly encouraging results.

It is clear that the inventor of this peel has studied the common chemical peels, their ingredients, their results, side effects, risks etc.  This study has enabled him to come up with something that has all the major benefits of a chemical peel of this caliber, while minimizing many risks and side effects associated with harsher peels.  Vi peel ingredients are carefully formulated to offer the best.

Vi Peel Ingredients, a Careful Blend of Power and Nourishment

Get wonderful results just in a week’s time; sure, it can certainly happen to you, thanks to the ingredients that has the power of harsher peels and support of vitamins and other useful elements.  The preparation includes the following ingredients.

  • Trichloroacetic Acid, TCA, a strong acid suitable for medium dept peel, which has the ability to address skin flaws deeply.  It has its own peeling advantage when used as the solo peeling agent.  Its benefits are well known and many professionals prefer this peel to treat skin flaws that require rather deeper penetration from a peel.  It use is also recommended by experts or professionals.
  • Retin-A is driven from vitamin that is found highly useful for wrinkles, etc.
  • Phenol is considered the harshest type of chemical peel with deepest possible penetration. It also has antiseptic and anesthetic properties.  It is commonly used as a deep peel to address many deeply embedded skin flaws.  Among other chemical peels, phenol peel is considered the deepest of all.  However, it is associated with many risks and side effects of even serious nature.
  • Salicylic Acid belongs to beta hydroxyl acid, BHA, group that has excellent exfoliating properties.  It is mild, safe and has many benefits of its own.
  • Vitamin C is used as ascorbic acid for its antioxidant and mild exfoliating properties.

A further closer look in all the above Vi peel ingredients clearly reveals the fact that such a combination of power filled with many useful properties is bond to produce the excellent results.   The results of a Vi peel treatment prove the fact how carefully the formula has been designed and why this peel is overtaking other peels in the race of fighting many skin flaws of relatively deeper nature.

Vi Peel Ingredients, the Benefits

When a peel is so carefully formulated, it is certain to offer benefits that should leave behind other similar peels, and this goes true with Vi peel.  You can get results of harsher types of peels without experiencing the side effects, risks and discomfort common to them.

  • It doesn’t give you any intolerable discomfort
  • Safe to use even on sensitive areas of the body
  • Suits all skin types, including dark and difficult-to treat skins
  • No skin preconditioning or pre-treatment is needed
  • Little or no downtime
  • Produces results just in a week’s time

Vi peel seems to be gaining the trust of peel-lovers and the reason behind its popularity rests solely on its ingredients.  Most of the personal experiences related online go in strong favor of this peel.  Readers of this article can take part with their own experiences, queries or comments.  Please proceed and help others know what other unfeigned details you have.

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