Vi Peel Side Effects

Since Vi peel is the latest chemical peel to address many skin flaws, it has very special combination of ingredients and, therefore, it is not associated with any serious kinds of side effects.

Chemical peel lovers are very much after Vi peel since it has minimum risks of side effects and complications. It has a difference, a visible and healthy difference from other chemical peels of its caliber.  Retin-A, which is one of its contents, and other vitamins and minerals make this peel a comparatively deeper level peel without causing tissue damage or other serious discomforts that are common with other peels with similar results.  Let’s find out more about Vi peel and see what it is, how it works and what are the few Vi peel’s side effects.

What Makes Vi Peel Different from Other Peels

  • Vi peel is virtually a painless procedure
  • It  has little or no downtime
  • It is safe to apply on almost all types of skins
  • Patient can resume normal activities soon after the peel
  • light peeling can be masked by moisturizer
  • It produces faster results
  • Requires no pre-treatment before its peeling procedure

Vi Peel Side Effects

Any peel that produces dramatic results is usually associated with many risks and potential side effects.  However, this is not true in the case of a Vi peel treatment.  You should clearly understand a fact that unless you follow the post peel instructions seriously, you are bound to get the negative results.  Like any other peel, it is also imperative for the patient to follow strictly the Dos and Don’ts to ensure proper results and to avoid any complications.

The patient may experience mild redness and skin’s sensitivity after the treatment, which is not an intolerable or embarrassing issue.  It is also normal to experience shedding of dead cells, which is necessary so that new and healthy cells or skin layer emerges.  This condition can’t be taken as a side effect until you start to pick the peeling skin that can lead to hyper-pigmentation, scarring, etc.  When a patient follows the after-treatment instructions, such things never happen.

Likewise, you have to observe such instructions that require you to stay away from the sunlight, or protect the skin while going outdoors.  Failing to do so, can result in darkening of the skin, and may lengthen the recovery process.

Apart from what has been said earlier, some potential risks of a Vi peel treatment include temporary or permanent change in skin tone, burns, scars, infections, and cold sores.  However, as already mentioned, with proper post treatment care, or by following the instructions carefully, most of the potential side effects or risks of Vi peel can be eliminated or minimized greatly.

How to Apply the Peel

Its application and treating approach is not different from other chemical peels except for few exceptions such as it doesn’t need any pre-treatment before its peeling procedure.

Before you apply the solution to the target area, the area should be cleansed and then the peel be spread evenly.  In 20 to 30 minutes, the process will be completed but the peel shouldn’t be washed off before a five hours’ period.  Apart from a mild stinging sensation, the patient won’t be experiencing any pain or burning, and can return to normal activities soon after that.

Vi peel side effects are negligible provided everything goes normally.  Readers are encouraged to post here their comments and personal experiences to make other people aware of further details related to this wonderful chemical peel.

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    18 Responses to "Vi Peel Side Effects"

    1. I’m on my second day so far all is good Ilm beginning to peel slightly
      on my chin and mouth area..little discomfort at the 2nd hr after Dr
      applied the peel nothings major was very tollerable….

    2. Vi peel comes with most of the peeling benefits of a relatively milder peel, and you can avail all the benefits with the minimum risks of discomforts. Moreover, it seems you have undergone the treatment under able medical supervision, the chances of something to go wrong are very feeble. Minor discomforts should be taken as part of the treatment.

      Well, I hope you will soon enjoy with good improvement in the condition.

    3. I am on day 4 of the peel. I have a lot of burning and some redness. My face has areas that feel tight, dry and scaly. I have followed the instructions, using the sunscreen and post peel protectorant but still feel parched. Where it has peeled is lovely, a little pink, but I expected that. I am wondering if I just have not peeled completely yet and this dry, parched area is “waiting to peeel”? It really burns in places and putting the protectorant and sunscreen on burns, as well. I would have thought that the peeling would have been over by Day 4. Not much I can do but keep applying the protectorant and hope it finishes peeling. Again, the areas that have peeled look really, really nice. I have super sensitive skin so think maybe I am experiencing more of a burning feeling than others would.

    4. Well, it seems your sensitive skin is making you experience the normal side effects little intense, which shouldn’t be a thing to worry about as long as the things do not exceed the limits. The parched area could be a results of uneven application of the peeling agent, or there could be another reason like any existing skin condition, it is not easy to be guessed in this way.

      In any case, continue with the post peel instructions and take corrective measures only when you find things aren’t going normally.

    5. I am on day 5. My skin for tbe most part is done feeling. But I have broken out with pimples all on my jaw line, and have a very itchy rash on my neck. Also stings and burns when I wash it with mild wash, and put the protectant lotion on. My face during the process was tomato red. I do have very fair sensitive skin, are these side effects normal as well?

      1. From what we’ve learned from most of the users and what is so far declared, a Vi Peel shouldn’t behave so aggressively in normal conditions. Dark tan or pink marks could persist for even weeks but no common side effects include the points you mentioned. It could be due to the over sensitivity of your skin; or the peel can also behave abnormally when it is used on open wounds, active cold sores, dermatitis, etc. You are advised to consult a skin specialist if the discomforts continue for long and remain intolerable.

      2. Hi Valerie,
        What products have you been using on your skin prior to your peel.
        What medications if any are you taking? Antibiotics, anti- anxiety ect?
        Did you have other proceedures done prior to the peel?

    6. Hi. You alluded to “after-treatment instructions” but didn’t say the specifics. I am aware of “staying away from the sunlight, or use a sunscreen while going outdoors” or not pulling off the skin while it’s peeling. Is there anything else? Does the post or pre treatment involve using any costs of using other products that’s not included in the Vi Peel?

    7. I got a Vi peel and I start feeling burning right a way . The esthetician wiped it off and then It stop burning . After five minute I felt that my face is on fire so she used a wet a towel with water and wiped my face . I looked horrible for a week and then my face start healing . I’m still suffering from sever darkness in a lot of area’s on my face . I’m on prozac , but the esthetician didn’t check with me about medication .
      Please let me know what could have went wrong . thanks

    8. I got the Vi peel on TUesday.I followed the requrements after the peel. I started peeling around my chin and mouth area on Thursday.THe area around my chin tht has peeled is really red and irrated vs other areas that hs piled. It burns when I use my post peel and sun block. I m wonderng if this could be permanent burns? The rest of my skin looks fine but Iam worried about the reddness which looks like discoloration. Could this be permanent?

    9. I had no discomfort whatsoever after the peel, very little day 1 or 2, and actually had my dermatologist look at this before I decided to have it done. By day 3 the skin around my eyes, eyelids were bright red, swollen eyes hurt, stinging, very congested, almost an angioedema type reaction. Same with around my mouth and nose. I felt very nervous and jittery. The peel was not put on my eyelids–only to the brow line but the directions say to “sweep” the towelette over the eyelids as well–I barely touched them. I have been taking Benadryl for 3 days now and going to see my dermatologist this morning. It may be gentle enough for most people’s skin but I definitely had an allergic type reaction and am pretty miserable on days 3& 4. For me, there definitely was “downtime”. Even though I went to work on day 3, I am home on day 4 because I have so much itching, pain and nervousness.


    11. I am on day 5 and still extremely uncomfortable. My skin is irritated, painful and the area around my eyes are puffy and red. Not what I was expecting. I would not recommend. The benefits of this cannot be worth what I have experienced.

    12. We live in Arizona but I am very protective of my skin….hats, Obagi sun potectants, etc. We ho to California in the summer months….southen california…..And I will be doubly protective of my skin…..My question is: Should I have the VIpeel prior to golfing, walking in the sun, etc…all with hats on…or should I wait and have it done in October?

      Thank you.

      Carole Hagstom
      Barely There

    13. I have had this peel both on and off “anxiety medication”… My results were great!

      It is always smart to look at a clients over all health and health of the shin first. This is not a super aggressive peel. Some are just more sensitive than others. The peel comes with a kit that contains post peel protectant and SPF 55. The post peel instructions indicate these must be used as well as hydrocortisone. KEEP OUT OF THE SUN! Eat right, drink water, no alcohol. I have administered this peel to at least 50 people. It should at least be two full weeks between peels. It offers a nice result. Most of my clients complain it isn’t strong enough.

    14. I had a Vi peel done recently with disastrous results. Two hours after the peel, my face was burning intensely. I washed my face as soon as I could and applied cold compresses to my face. I had called the dr and she got back with me later and said that I had done the proper care. I had the same reaction after my first towelette. Four days later, my once smooth cheeks now looked like raw hamburger along with my neck. I called the dr and she told me to get cortisone cream and only place it only on the bad skin. All the areas that I were told should peel and give my skin a better appearance did nothing. My eyebrows, hairline, around my mouth and under my nose peeled non-stop. My face has broken out which I was told should not happen. This was the biggest waste of money. It has been a month now and my skin is still not back to what it looked like before this awful experience.

    15. Had the VI Peel six days ago. Had to stop using the sun screen provided because it burned so very badly. The protectant started burning more as the days pass, so have been using it less. Although I am getting a fairly decent peel, some of my face looks 10 years older than before! My chin has broken out with a terrible rash and my nostrils are scabbibg. So wish I never had this done.

    16. Hi
      I had a VI Peel one month ago. I had melasma on my forehead and the nurse did apply a little bit more on the forehead. Nothing wrong after the peeling, the experience was with no problem except, the forehead where melasma spot was. it crusted, bubbled, became black and took about 1 week for the crust to peel- Now I have a red mark, like a burn red mark where the melasma was and the texture is irregular – It is very sensitive

      Only if I could post picture, I am seeing again the doctor – My family doctor said I had a chemical burn on the forehead area – As well, the clinic is telling me I should do a treatment of 3 peels a year ( one month after the other, my next one within 2 weeks — not sure I am safe there>>>


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