What Is LHA Peel (Lipo Hydroxy Acid Peel) ?

The skincare industry has proved itself very active especially in the recent decades.  The uptrend of beautification and taking care of oneself has encouraged and still encouraging newer skincare products to pop up every now and then.  LHA or lipo hydroxy acid is one such newcomer that seems to have come with certain promises or to do something more than the cosmetic acids of similar nature.  LHA or lipo hydroxyl acid peel promises a better solution for many skin abnormalities, and it seems that it does good justice with the job.  Let’s learn more about this new cosmetic acid.

What Is LHA or Lipo Hydroxy Acid

As a matter of fact, LHA isn’t an innovation, it is in fact a modified version of the popular and highly useful acid, salicylic acid.  We can say that LHA is a derivative of salicylic acid but has more potentiality to address skin imperfections more thoroughly.  It is said that this product is able to do its job six times better than salicylic acid.  In other words, this child of salicylic acid is far more superior and exfoliates about six times more than salicylic acid.

When it comes to know what LHA does, you won’t find anything new, since it does the same job of a superficial chemical peel, to resurface the skin layers by eliminating the dead skin cells.  Though it doesn’t promise something new, it is sure to produce results better and deeper when it comes to use its peeling treatment to address many kinds of skin abnormalities, especially acne and the related problems.

In fact, the main or active ingredient is salicylic acid, but many other ingredients are also added to improve the performance of the acid.

Uses of Lipo Hydroxy Acid Peel

Lipo hydroxy acid peel is done to address the skin issues like hyperpigmentation and other skin irregularities. It can improve the skin’s smoothness and its appearance.

It is used to improve:

  • Sun damages
  • Acne
  • Acne scarring
  • Irregular skin tone
  • Dull and lifeless skin look
  • Fine lines

When applied, it works more effectively on the skin pores and clears them from bacteria and other debris.  Its role in dealing with acne and acne related problems is more prominent and promising. Perhaps it can be taken as one of the best methods to deal with acne, to unclog skin pores and to address other such skin abnormalities.

The Obvious Advantages  

LHA peel seems to work like a micro exfoliant as it works evenly and precisely on the damaged cells.  It is known to be the first peeling treatment that doesn’t require neutralization.   Moreover, another advantage of the peel is its safer approach, as it doesn’t come with the risk of over peeling and burning during the treatment.

Bottom Line

This new addition to the skin care regimen seems to have some certain benefits over other products of similar caliber.  With side effects of very mild nature, the peel has the potential to offer a safer and effective way to deal with certain skin irregularities.

When the peeling procedure is performed by a qualified skin care specialist, which is in fact a necessity, it could prove itself an effective and safe skin treatment that has the potential to produce very healthy results in most of the cases.  Though there are some scattered cases that don’t seem to have gotten the desired results, the common opinion is found more in favor of this newcomer.

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