What Is Phenol Peel ?

By asking ‘what is phenol peel’  you are not only opening a big door wide open, but also preventing yourself from undergoing its treatment on your own, or by someone who has yet to acquire experience rich enough to deal with this kind aggressive peel.   This is true, since while phenol peel produces results that can’t be achieved otherwise, it is associated with risks of serious nature, and this makes it a peel ‘for the experts only’.   Read on to acquaint yourself with the essential details of this wonderful chemical peel.

What Is Phenol Peel

Phenol peel is the deepest and the most aggressive type of chemical peel, which works up to the optimal limits of a chemical peeling treatment.   While it has the potential to address skin irregularities more deeply, more thoroughly and with dramatic results, it has to be performed under carefully monitored conditions.

Phenol peel or deep chemical peel has the potential to address skin abnormalities of the deepest nature.  Its results are similar to those of CO2 laser resurfacing.  If you have a chance to visit a dermatologist, don’t forget to put the question ‘what is phenol peel’ and whether your condition suits its treatment.  Not everybody can undergo its treatment.

How Phenol Peel Works

A phenol peel treatment removes the upper skin layer and it goes into the epidermis.  The procedure of the deep peeling treatment depends on the concentration used and the nature of the conditions to be treated.

Once applied and left on for a specific time, the solution dissolves the skin cells.  When the damaged or unhealthy cells or layer is removed, a new layer will take over that will be free from the skin disorders, or at least with less significant irregularities, for which the treatment was done.

Benefits of Phenol Peel Treatment

The deeper the peel, the more thorough will be the results.  Since the peel is the strongest of all chemical peels, it has the potential to produce dramatic results. When the procedure is done properly and when all the instructions are followed carefully by the patient, the results will be highly encouraging with most of the skin flaws gone completely or faded satisfactorily.  Deep wrinkles, sun damages, precancerous growth, etc. can well be addressed by its treatment.

Risks or Side Effects of Deep Chemical Peel

While you can avail the benefits of a light peeling treatment right at the very comfort of your own home, you shouldn’t even think of undergoing a phenol peel treatment on your own.  The risks and side effects of this peel are many, and of serious nature as well.  You can prevent them if the procedure is done properly and if the post peel instructions are well taken care of.

In short, phenol peel can offer the best results provided it is done properly and all its post peel instructions are followed seriously.

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