What is Vi Peel ?

Vi peel is relatively a new arrival in the chemical peels family.  This newborn child of chemical peel has almost everything that one wishes to have in a peel.  If it is not the best, then it is perhaps one of the best chemical peels that we can have today.   When it comes to anti-aging remedies, Vi peel also has an upper hand.  Let’s have a closer look on this peel.

What is Vi Peel?

Vi peel is a product that gives quick and dramatic results without making you feel the pain of the treatment.  It works with vitamins and acids to build collagen, eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, and shrink pores.  Other uses of Vi peel include reversing sun damage and aging signs, treating melasma and hyper-pigmentation, fading acne and acne scars, improving skin’s tone and texture, promotes the growth of collagen and elastin, etc.

Vi peel can be announced the next generation chemical peel, which has all the major benefits of other chemical peels but without downsides.  It offers all the ease and comfort of use.  It makes the popular saying ‘no pain, no gain’ wrong, since it is a ‘gain with no pain’ peel.

Vi peel can’t be performed at home; you have to undergo the peeling treatment at a professional’s office.  The peeling procedure may take around 20 to 30 minutes only.   Vi peel is a power combination with gentle approach.

Ingredients of Vi Peel

Unlike other chemical peels, Vi peel is synergistically blended with five acids. Each of the ingredients has its own importance and function.  The combination of all such active ingredients has made Vi peel an excellent and very effective peeling agent.

The combination consists of TCA, Phenol, Salicylic Acid, Retin-A, and Vitamin C as ascorbic acid.

Advantages of Vi Peel

  • Unlike some other effective chemical peels, you don’t need to do any skin conditioning prior to Vi peel treatment
  • No painkillers or sedatives are needed normally during the treatment
  • In spite of the use of strong acids, which increases effectiveness of this peel, the downtime is comparatively less
  • Results become visible in a week or so
  • No age restrictions
  • Good for any type of skin
  • Patient can return to normal activities soon, almost immediately after the peel

How Vi Peel is Performed

Vi peel should be perform by the professionals of this field only.  It can be done without any preconditioning of the skin.  The application takes about 30 minutes to complete. Once the solution is applied, it should be left on the skin for about five hours before washing off.

After the first treatment, the peel can be repeated every two weeks to get the desired results.  The frequency of repetition depends on the treating conditions.  Normally, you would need the first treatment that should be followed by three to four treatments yearly to keep the skin in good condition.


Vi Peel’s Risks and Side Effects

In spite of using stronger or aggressive peeling agents and for the quicker response, risks and side effects associated with Vi peel are comparatively very few.   Except for a mild redness, increased skin’s sensitivity, and slight discomfort, the patient experiences no serious side effects and has to worry for no risks of any kind provided the procedure is done properly.

However, the patient has to follow many post-treatment instructions that apply to any chemical peel.

Users’ Votes

When we look on various reviews posted by users of this peel, we find many satisfied users in the list.  Most of the Vi users express their full satisfaction and contentment.  Vi peel, therefore, seems to capture a large market share soon.

Posting your own experience and comments can be of great help to those who look for more details.

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